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Welcome to the website of the Yorkshire Youth Brass Band (Part of the Black Dyke family) 

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To see the photos of the first meeting of the Yorkshire Youth Brass band which took place on Sunday 21st May at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2006 please click on the photos link.

The purpose behind the creation of the Yorkshire Youth Brass Band is to inspire young people aged 11- 21 (and in full time education) who have already achieved Grade 4 using the umbrella of members of Black Dyke Band and facilities of the bands partners Leeds Metropolitan University. 

You will find out more information about the aims of the band by clicking on the "Objectives" page to the left.

 You can find out more about our staff and conductor Dr Nicholas Childs by visiting the staff page or about auditions information by simply clicking on this link shown on the left hand side.

The Yorkshire Youth Brass Brand took a three day tour around the south end of London. All in all, we visited Bromley, Crawley, Lambeth and Lewisham, not to mention that the audience loved every single second of it. We had such a great time and the crowd were so appreciative of everything that we did for them. They were clapping and cheering and the entire group loved it so much. It was clearly worth all of the effort that we put into it and the band did great as well.

The truth is that we couldn't have done it without the great help of the London Removals. They helped us to move our equipment from venue to venue and they also helped us to pack everything up as well. We were on limited time when we did the tour of London and we only had a set amount of time to ourselves. On top of this, we had to perfectly time our events so that the band got some rest in-between but luckily their removal team were completely considerate of this and they were more than happy to help us get from A to B without any difficulty at all. Of course we also understand and appreciate the fact that London Removals don't usually move band equipment but we were so happy to hear that they had made an exception just for us. We were recommended to them by a family member and they really did step up to the job.

All in all, we couldn't be happier with the service that they provided and we will continue to use them for all of our moving needs in the future. Thanks so much to the Yorkshire Brass Band and thanks so much to the company that helped to make things easier for us!

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